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Project Description
A Windows Mobile application written in C# getting IridiumFlares predictions and saving them locally.

If you're wondering what the heck are Iridium Flares?, visit these links:
For those who already know about Iridium Flares: This application allows you to get & store predictions for your observing locations and update them on the run.

Currently the application works in two steps:
  1. Set up your location(s)
  2. Update & view Iridium Flare predictions

A location is the observer's physical point of view, expressed as GPS latitude, longitude and altitude. If you don't know these details, visit Heavens Above's database (recommended) or Heavens Above's map selector. After you selected your location, all the details are included in the URL in your browser's address field. You only have to do that once, your locations will be saved on the device.

If your locations are set up, you can get flare predictions for all of them at the same time. They will be fetched from HeavensAbove seven days in advance. After updating, you can view predictions for each location.
Warning Updating the predictions requires internet connectivity. If you are not connected via WLAN or ActiveSync, a WIFI connection will be established which might provoke additional costs. However, predictions will be stored on your device, so you don't have to go online everytime you want to see them.

There are articles about that project on my blog.

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